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My Day With the Dalai Lama.

Aug 14, 2013 Tara 0 Current Events, Featured Posts., Spirituality

“I am just a simple Buddhist monk, no more, no less.” ~ His Holiness, the Dalai Lama It was a moment I had dreamed of all my life, I reflected, as I was whisked through our first security gate and through to a side corridor leading onto the main floor […]

Julie Newmar

Oh, The Places We’ve Been, Julie Newmar…

Aug 14, 2013 Tara 0 Featured Posts., Life and Living.

It was only two years ago that youth left me. Hate me or not, middle age didn’t happen to me; a privilege undeserved, or unobserved. In August of this year, I will be 80. It is time to cross the Rubicon and come to terms with the best of myself. […]


Are You My Mother?

Aug 13, 2013 Tara 0 Featured Posts., Life and Living.

Nearly one month after giving birth, this panda mother in Taiwan finally met her newborn on Tuesday. Zookeepers in Taipei introduced the mother and cub at Taiwan’s zoo and caught the interaction on camera. Confirming what I have personally always maintained to be true, that Panda Bears make by far […]


Happiness. ~ Brian M. Dotson

Aug 12, 2013 Tara 0 Featured Posts., Life and Living., Spirituality

“Smiles, it’s our favorite thing to notice- our smiles, it’s like two big outstretched groping hands saying nothing more than- oh, you- are welcome here.” ~Buddy Wakefield I awoke this morning, and rolled over to get a warm snuggle from my wife. She drowsily asked what that was for. I […]


Concerned. ~ from Author, Gurjot Singh.

Aug 5, 2013 Tara 0 Current Events, Featured Posts.

“Concerned” ~ by author, Gurjot Singh “Son! What are you doing these days?” he heard the voice calling from behind. And as he turned his head, he could see that the voice belonged to that of an old lady, who was almost ignored by all the people living in the […]

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