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The Meaning of “Tree.”

Oct 20, 2013 Tara 0 Buddhism, Spirituality

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” ― Dr. Seuss Author, Ray Bradbury, once said that everyone must leave something behind – whether a simple garden out back that boasts the morning glories each day….or each of the stones, so […]


My Simple Story.

Oct 14, 2013 Tara 0 Buddhism, Featured Posts., Life and Living.

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible” ~ Vladimir Nabokov I have a notebook that sits upon my shelf, worn and dusted through these many years. Unassuming in presentation, you might never expect […]


Humanity’s Computer Chip?

Oct 9, 2013 Tara 0 Buddhism, Healthy Living

 “At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles. Friend, client, child, sickness, fear, want, charity, all knock at once at thy closet door and say,—’Come out unto us.’ But keep thy state; come not into their confusion. The power men possess to […]


Your Five Minute Dr. Seuss Dharma.

Oct 2, 2013 Tara 0 Buddhism, Featured Posts.

  “And they built it right over those two stubborn Zax, and left them there standing un-budged in their tracks” ~ Dr. Seuss There’s a most wonderful story by children’s author, Dr. Seuss – in which two men happen upon the same point along the same path along the very […]


The Case Against Empathy?

Oct 1, 2013 Tara 0 Buddhism, Life and Living., Spirituality

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who […]

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