Just for today, swing wide that proverbial “life’s door” stepping boldly on into the outside.

Scream loudly for all and everyone to hear—let the wind flush your cheeks and mess up your hair, as you run wildly forward and into your fate…your destiny.

Just for today, embrace your dream with both hands locked firmly and tightly around its back—squeezing with all of your moxie and might—as if to say, “I shall never lose you again, my friend.”

Just for today, smile with all your heart and at all those things that wander in and out and through your path and then, let that smile find the empty eyes of a stranger, smiling once more until those eyes shine back to you again.

Just for today, walk fearlessly and ferociously out and into this world and on again and into that dark night. Hold your head up high and strong and let your heart guide you to your most perfect you.

And then, look up and far and deep into those stars knowing each and every one of them is there—just for you—to share their love and light your way.

Just for today, love with all and everything you’ve got and if you find your mind clinging backwards instead of forwards, reminding you of just how very hard a heart may shatter and fall…then, and right there, love again, but love yourself first and most of all.

Just for today, let go of all of your moments save for this one, right here and right now.

Let loose your grip on the way back when and save tomorrow again for another day.

Just for today, hold all of forever and everything in it, tucked gently in this moment now…promising to never, ever let it slip away again.

Just for today.



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Tara Lemieux is a mindful wanderer, and faithful stargazer. Although she often appears to be listening with great care, rest assured she is most certainly‘forever lost in thought. She is an ardent explorer and lover of finding things previously undiscovered or at the very least mostly not-uncovered. Just like a butterfly, she is ready to spread her newly painted wings and fly to wherever the universe may carry her. But most, and best of all - Tara is a writer, always in search of a faithful ear. If after all of this, you still wish to seek Tara out, you can find her rambling on at www.taralemieux.com blogging happily at Mindful Musings, or blissfully connecting on her personal Facebook Page. Whichever path you may choose, Tara will greet you warmly and always with much happiness.


  1. nayan desai August 24, 2013 9:28 am / Reply

    so wonderfull ur feel sair n great line i reale like

  2. vijayaraghavan k August 24, 2013 10:45 pm / Reply

    namasthey thara you are great and beautifull I like you very much

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