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Hurricane ~ Andy Karol.

Jul 17, 2013 Tara Lemieux 0 Poetry , ,

What a blessing to come across such a beautiful spirit. Each day, I am always and continuously amazed.

Thank you, Andy ~ for sharing the gift of your words.

Namaste, and much love on this day.

“Spoken word artist/poet Andy Karol orchestrates a symphony of the heart through the words, vulnerability, and unrelenting truths that she shares with her audience.

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, Andy brought many “smaller town” values and dreams with her to the “big city” of Chicago over ten years ago. A rich history, education, and passion for the live theatre, Andy fused this love of the stage together with the way her heart speaks through words, connecting with people in a way that only spoken word can.

Andy is also a professional photographer, specializing in portraiture and connecting with audiences in the visual sense as well.”

For more information, visit AndyKarol.com

Video: “Hurricane”

Tara Lemieux
Tara Lemieux
Tara Lemieux
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